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Braunstein at GenCon

Want to hear what Major Wesely has to say about Braunstein first hand? If you’re going to GenCon now’s your chance:

Play The Braunstein Game
Fri noon-4 pm (SEM00151), Embassy Suites – Ambassador II
Sat noon-4 pm (SEM00152), Embassy Suites – Ambassador II

Make sure to double-check at the con in case they move the room or anything sneaky like that. If you’re looking online be warned that Wesely is frequently misspelled Wesley or some other variation, so if you’re doing searches check both.

While we’re at it here’s where you can find Dave Arneson and Lou Zocchi.

I’ll be at the Friday session. Hope to see you there.

UPDATE: there was an error in the GenCon schedule which has now been fixed. Both sessions are noon-4 pm, not noon-2 pm

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