The Flipside of the Quest

Print-conscious players have asked me why Follow quests take up two pages. Couldn’t I have jammed all that stuff onto a single sheet?

First off: no, it’s pretty dense as it is. But more importantly, I wouldn’t even if I could.

Quests are intentionally laid out so that you have to hide the first section to see the second. All the prompts and questions that you use during setup and character creation are on the front of the page. But once you’re finished deciding on the details of your fellowship and your quest, all those options and prompts are irrelevant. Worse, they’re a distraction.

So when setup is done and you flip over the quest to see the challenges you’ll have to face, you’re hiding all those setup options choices. That’s intentional.

From now on, you’re focused on your particular quest and fellowship, not all the fellowships you could have made. You’ve already decided what kind of dragon your fellowship is trying to slay and what kind of people you are. Looking back and seeing what you *could have* picked just gets in your way.

    Ben Robbins | May 8th, 2019 | | leave a comment