New K2 for June

Hello, playtesters! I’m working on new draft of Kingdom second edition that should be ready sometime in June. So if you’ve played and you’ve got feedback for me, I can incorporate it into this revision. If not, don’t worry, there will be a call for feedback before the playtest ends.

Right now most of the changes are small, just clarifications and whatnot. There are some other changes I’m considering, but the jury’s still out. Never fear, I am going to mark places where the text has changed, so you won’t have to hunt to figure out what’s different (because that’s a waste of your time).

There may also be someā€¦ entirely new material for you to take for a spin. No spoilers (yet) but we’ve been playing with a new thing and it’s been fantastic.

Bottom line: send me feedback if you’ve got it, keep playing the current draft, stay safe!

    Ben Robbins | May 28th, 2020 | , | hide comments
  1. #3 Ben Robbins says:

    Yep, a kickstarter first then it will go for sale here. I’ve mentioned it before but let’s make it official: anyone who buys the Kingdom PDF in 2020 is eligible for a free upgrade to K2. I can’t do the same for books obviously, because there is unavoidable overhead in printing and shipping, but this way at least people have no reason to worry about whether they should buy Kingdom now.

    (the flip side of course is that the 1st edition of Kingdom will go out of print, so if you want that book get it while you can)

    I used to include bundles for my other games during kickstarters but I stopped doing that, because it got kind of silly. If you want Microscope, Follow or Union, no reason to wait for months, you can just get them now.

  2. #2 Jonesy says:

    P.S Also if you are doing kickstarter would i be able to purchase all your works through there as well.

  3. #1 Jonesy says:

    Hello Ben,

    I wanted to ask. If there is a new version of Kingdom coming will you just be releasing it buy on your site or will you be going the kickstarter route? Just wondering as I’d like to hold off buying V1 and wait for 2.

    -Best Regards

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