“There’s a much better randomizer that we use: human beings”

Want to listen to me rant for forty minutes about D&D camp, playtesting M&M, GMing or not GMing, Microscope, and how actually playing games trumps just sitting around talking about them? Then this is your lucky day!

Ben Robbins Interview (BAMF Podcast)

Really fun interview. Thanks to Mike Lafferty for having me on. Yeah, I get pretty fired up once I get going. What can I say: gaming is exciting stuff!

    Ben Robbins | November 1st, 2011 | , , | hide comments
  1. #3 ben robbins says:

    Yeah, that was a really fun interview.

  2. #2 ross cowman says:

    this is awesome.

  3. I hope this reaches Ben Robbins.

    I am trying t figure out a way to get in touch since I have to ask a few questions about Microscope and also ask permission for the way I used some of the text from his original West Marches Post on my Bad Wrong Fun campaign site on Obsidian Portal.

    Please email me Ben!

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