Quake-pocalypse: But A Very Dignified Squeal

Quake-pocalypse, game 4. The survivors of the shattered Earth escape to a new world, but it’s not what they expect. There’s a welcoming committee. From Earth! But not human. It gets a little complicated.

In other news, the so-called scientists of the post-Quake golden age are accused being little more than “junkyard scavengers,” not inventors. They blindly clamor for ancient tech, drooling over the wonders of the olden days and squealing like school girls when they find an Infinity Box, but they never make anything new. Their defense? Just look at all this cool ancient stuff!

next session: That’s no moon! Oh wait, it is.

    Ben Robbins | June 21st, 2011 | , | hide comments

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