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Microscope Reviews: Spit In Its Eye

Consider this a quote entirely out of context, but it’s too excellent to pass up. It’s from Ashok Desai’s review of Microscope in Knights of the Dinner Table:

Aside from the literary benefits of the game, it’s also a great way for a group of players to sit down and create a universe that they can later adventure into in a more conventional RPG system. For this purpose, the game is as close enough to perfect to spit in its eye and call it a sissy.

Take that, perfect. The review is in print, not online, so I can’t link to the rest. There are certainly parts that are more critical, but I must tip my hat to this.

It’s been almost two weeks since Go Play NW and I haven’t even touched on all the glorious Microscope action. Luckily, Nels has: Above 49: Microscopy.

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