Microscope On Your iPhone

Don’t you hate it when you’re sitting on a bus with your friends and you’re trying to play some Microscope but every time you sit the cards on your lap the bus hits the breaks and -blooey- your epic history flies down the aisle? Yeah, that sucks.

Technology to the rescue! Trey Marshall has developed Microscope Journal, an app that lets you play and store your histories on your iPhone.

Use your iPhone as your game table and when you’re done click a button and export the whole thing as a PDF. Admit it, that’s pretty cool for two bucks.

    Ben Robbins | March 22nd, 2012 | | hide comments
  1. #10 Joseph says:

    Thank you Ben.

  2. #9 Ben Robbins says:

    Joseph: You mean the helper app? No

  3. #8 Joseph says:

    Has anyone made an Android or Linux version of Microscope?

  4. #7 Risus Monkey says:

    Wow! I mean mean wow! I have been looking for exactly something like this for playing Microscope on the go.

  5. #6 Smitty says:

    That’s pretty cool! Anticipating an Android version as well!

  6. #5 Jason says:

    I also want this on Android!

  7. #4 Trey says:

    I’ve started a Microscope Journal Forum to capture issues and suggestions (like Android, iPad, etc.).

  8. I’m with Maciej on this one, but further, I want it as a webapp for the desktop.

  9. #2 Tim says:

    Bloody marvelous.

  10. #1 Maciej Sabat says:

    I want this for android!

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