Kingdom Playtest Ends in 2 Weeks

Only two more weeks to playtest Kingdom and send your feedback. Less than fourteen days for you to change the Kingdom or be changed by it.

If you’re a playtester you should have already gotten an email with guidelines for providing feedback. I’ve already gotten some great feedback but I’m always greedy for more.

    Ben Robbins | May 24th, 2012 | | hide comments
  1. #4 ben robbins says:

    Yeah, this was part of the curse of having two separate blogs.

    Never fear, Kingdom isn’t done yet.

  2. #3 Snarls-at-Fleas says:

    Same here. I’m a big fan of Microscope (the one who did this Russian review of it back in 2011). And it’s a pity I missed this playtest :(

  3. #2 Adam Blinkinsop says:

    +1 to Will’s comment; just got these all at once. :(

  4. #1 Will says:


    My RSS reader wasn’t getting these updates and I missed it. :{

    Will there be a round 2 playtest?

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