“You’re the only one who’s ready.”

Kingdom playtest. Sanctuary of Arcadia, game 2. The elders want to revive the old tradition and send Heralds out into the world to do good works in the name of the sequestered wizards of Arcadia.

Karadin comes from the outside world and knows it isn’t the idyllic haven the Arcadians are used to. It’s a savage, brutal place.

Sen the Scarred was born and raised in Arcadia, but he’s had a hard life. His title is not a euphemism. He’s suffered from illness, sorcerous accidents and later the bites and claws of the magical beasts he’s the caretaker of.

Sen’s always been something of a misfit in Arcadia. He quietly relishes the chance to be a Herald and travel to the outside world. Lots of other Arcadians want to go too, but Karadin knows they don’t know what they’re getting into.

Karadin gazes at his friend’s scars with cold appraisal. “You’re the only one who’s ready.”

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