Every Single One

Ever wonder if you’ve read every single ars ludi post? Afraid you might have missed some gold? Well to make it easy for you I’ve added a chronological list of every single ars ludi post. But pack a lunch before you head out because there are over 300 of them all the way back to 2005.

Talk about a walk down memory lane. I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all. Pretty sure.

Now I just need a way to flag the classics…

UPDATE: Lo and behold, the classics are marked. I’ll probably refine the list over time but right now those are the best of the best. I added separate icons for favorite articles and epic game summaries.

    Ben Robbins | April 12th, 2013 | | hide comments
  1. #2 ben robbins says:

    I had a list in the sidebar but it was jury-rigged and rather out of date. I’m going to set it up so the best articles are marked in the all-posts list. Shouldn’t be too hard to code with a category or tags.

  2. #1 Confanity says:

    You could create a “Category” for the “classics,” or otherwise use a right-hand-toolbar function? Wasn’t there something like that before?

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