Early Kingdom Emerges

People are playing Kingdom right now. Well, Kickstarter backers are, anyway. It’s a rules-only release while the appendices and other supplemental materials are being finished. I promised I’d get them playing Kingdom by the end of July and I made it with four hours to spare. Piece of cake!

People are already reporting the Kingdoms they’ve made and ruined, looking for brave folks to play with, etc. The Microscope Google+ group has been working well so I decided we needed one for Kingdom too:

Kingdom RPG on Google+

What’s next? Finishing the public release of Kingdom so everyone else in their world can get their hands on it…

    Ben Robbins | August 6th, 2013 | | hide comments
  1. #1 Fred Herman says:

    Yes, please! I managed to entirely miss the Kingdom lackluster campaign, and am kicking myself.

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