“The people at the table are what matters”

Story games documentary time!

[ don’t be alarmed, the first thirty seconds or so is black, but if you have trouble here’s a direct link ]

That’s me, J.C. and Natalie playing, plus Ashley and Ed at the interview table. The background action is all the awesome folks of Story Games Seattle playing at the equally awesome Phoenix Comics & Games, as we do. Thanks to Alex, Candace and Glaser for deciding story games would make a fun topic for their film.

Oh and what’s that super-intense game we’re playing? That would be Downfall.

    Ben Robbins | January 26th, 2015 | , , , , | hide comments
  1. #2 Matthieu B says:

    Well done Ben !
    This video is impressive. It really illustrate what makes story games so cool.

  2. #1 Mike Holmes says:

    Wow. I see folks explain these sorts of games a lot, and they usually say some stuff that doesn’t make sense, or is just factually wrong. This little video nails it pretty much perfectly. Well done. :)

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