Three’s a Crowd

After many revised release plans, Like Father, Like Son (Trial of Dr Null) is out the door and looking for heroes to kick around.

Following my own advice, I always try to have the next project underway before the last one is out. Otherwise it’s just too easy to sit around and noodle over the thing you just released.

I’ve already been working on secret project “scotty” (with my two equally secret collaborators), but to keep it company I’ve been working on the first book in the Worlds Collide series (with brief forays into the second book when the mood strikes me).

That should be enough to keep me busy, right? Well due to popular demand I’ve decided to screw up that schedule and wedge another project in there too, which we’ll just call “the little yellow book” for now.

It should be easy to fit in because it’s little, right? It says so right in the code name.

    Ben Robbins | July 30th, 2007 | | hide comments
  1. #3 ben robbins says:

    “Any update on Southside Story?”

    The Lama is one of my favorite too, though you have to hit a certain Zen sweet spot to play him at his best.

    “I’m hoping that Southside Story is either part of the Worlds Collide series…”

    Very good guess. Right now it’s slated for the second Worlds Collide book.

    “Any other tidbits you want to throw our way?”

    Might be some more info after GenCon. When there’s anything ready for playtesting, you’ll certainly be one of the first to know Mike…

  2. #2 Mike says:

    Any other tidbits you want to throw our way?

  3. #1 R00kie says:

    Any update on Southside Story? The Lama of Shang-gong (from Evil Genius #1) is still one of my favourite characters to ever grace the sessions of my campaign, and I’m still hopeful we’ll see him reappear in a future Lame Mage Production.

    I’m hoping that Southside Story is either part of the Worlds Collide series, or your super-secret project.


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