Follow Races to the Finish

The Follow Kickstarter is closing as we speak! I dug into a lot more detail about how the game works in the updates, so here they are in case you missed them:

If you want even more, check out the interview I did with Brie Sheldon. It covers Follow, comparisons to Microscope and Kingdom, and even digs into the X né the Veil at Story Games Seattle.

Three hours to go! Thanks to everyone who has supported Follow, and an extra special thanks to all the playtesters who have helped make it be the game it is.

I’m looking forward to getting the early access version to backers so you can all start tackling quests!

    Ben Robbins | November 16th, 2016 | | hide comments
  1. #2 Ben Robbins says:

    Yep, goof on my part. I got it right last time I posted it, just messed up this time. Thanks David!

  2. #1 David Lewis says:

    Did you mean Brie Sheldon (instead of Larson)? Though I’m not familiar with her, so maybe she goes by Larson too… You can just delete this comment – not trying to call you out. Just thought you might like to know and this seemed the easiest way to let you know.

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