All Your Base

In groups I’ve played Downfall with, I’ve seen a tendency to make the society a small, insular place, like an island (possibly a floating island) or an isolated town. But I want to go big and make a Haven in the vein of Robotech, Voices of a Distant Star or Ender’s Game.

Our Haven is the entire Earth, after we made contact with aliens. Our flaw is militarism: instead of crossing the cultural divide and finding a way to make peace, we’ve committed to total (and perhaps unwinnable) interstellar war…

    Ben Robbins | May 24th, 2017 | | hide comments
  1. #1 Blake says:

    I’m anxious to play the game soon and am hoping to convince the group that moderation would make an intriguing flaw. Most seem to try to turn some obvious virtue or vice into the downfall, but I’m curious to explore what a strong tendency to constantly seek balance between virtues and vices might look like within a society.

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