Comments Fixed

I just fixed the comments feature. My apologies if you tried to leave comments before and it didn't work.

    Ben Robbins | December 17th, 2005 | | hide comments
  1. #5 Ben says:

    See, I told you it worked!

  2. #4 Ben says:

    Tinkering with comments again. Should be working now.

  3. #3 Ben says:

    Good point. I should be able to change it, but it might take me a while to sort out the correct CSS settings. I’ll check it out.

  4. #2 jen says:

    The comments work but the cursor is really kinda hard to see, at least on my setup. Would you consider bumping up the color difference between the cursor and the background grey, or maybe changing the width of the line just a hair? I know you probably don’t want to have the cursor be intrusive, but I for one need it, as a tool, to edit on the fly.

  5. #1 Ben says:

    See, I told you it worked!