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Kill All Enlightened Robots

Usually at a con you get some good games and some okay games. At our story games area at Emerald City Comicon I drew the lucky penny: all my games were great great great. One Microscope game included a textbook example of building on each other’s contributions to make an unexpected whole. We’re making the […]

Ben Robbins | April 11th, 2017 | , ,

“I just like saying ‘overthrow the government'” (GMless RPGs, ECCC 2017)

Delving into the secrets of GMless role-playing games at Emerald City Comicon. No that recording is not speeded up, that’s just how fast I talk about these things. I’ve got just one hour and a lot of ground to cover! http://arsludi.lamemage.com/static/eccc-2017-gmless.m4a (or download the file if you prefer) There’s a natural tendency, when examining GMless […]

Ben Robbins | April 10th, 2017 | , , , | 2 comments

Emerald City Comicon: A Full House of Story Games

There is a secret trick to organizing a great con: great people. Great facilitators who step up and make people welcome and bring the awesome to the table. Then add to that: more great people. Great attendees. Soooo many fantastic people who wanted to come out and try these games. We had five tables for […]

Ben Robbins | March 13th, 2017 | ,

Emerald City Comicon: The Game Schedule

Coming to play story games at Emerald City Comicon, but looking for a particular game? Want to know when you can get a spot at the table to play it? Check it: These are the games our volunteers will be offering to facilitate in each slot. Only some of these games will be played depending […]

Ben Robbins | February 27th, 2017 | , | 3 comments

Emerald City Comicon: Attack of the Story Games!

Going to Emerald City Comicon? Want to play some story games? Well, once again, we’ve got you covered. Our team of crack facilitators is setting up shop in WSCC 208 to bring the fun. Straight from the schedule: Story Games Come play story games! Build a world or epic drama together… and then watch it […]

Ben Robbins | February 18th, 2017 | , ,

ECCC: A fireside chat about GM-less games

If you’re going to Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, swing by Friday night and I’ll talk your ear off about the glories (and pitfalls) of that most magical and mythical of beasts, the role-playing game that has no GM! GM-less Role-Playing Games GMs have been an integral part of role-playing games since the beginning, […]

Ben Robbins | April 3rd, 2016 | , ,

ECCC Games On Demand

Emerald City Comic Con is coming up this weekend! I’ll be at the Indie RPG Games On Demand area, which is now on the 2nd floor of the convention center, in the open area just north of room 208. I may be trying out some of the new tools that are going to be in […]

Ben Robbins | March 23rd, 2015 | ,

My Emerald City Comic Con Schedule

Emerald City Comic Con approaches. I happen to know there is a whirlwind of behind-the-scenes activity as enthusiastic gamers get ready to man the battle stations of the Indie Games on Demand area in the Sheraton Hotel. Morgan and his team of ninjas are going to be using the same model they used at PAX […]

Ben Robbins | March 21st, 2014 | , ,

Emerald City Comic Con 2014: The Time Is Now

Emerald City Comic Con is coming. Real soon, in fact. In case you missed it, the last two years have included some epic gaming. We showed up with a flag and a dream and carved a glittering city of gaming out of the untamed wilderness: 2012: Dance the Victory Dance 2013: Snatched from the jaws […]

Ben Robbins | March 2nd, 2014 | ,

You’re no White Knight (aka kids being awesome gamers)

We were at Emerald City Comic Con, manning the story games table, when a kid comes up with his Dad. He’s maybe 10 years old and he’s curious about these games even though he’s never played a role-playing game before. And I mean intensely curious, not just idly asking. He’s heard of Dungeons & Dragons […]

Ben Robbins | March 18th, 2013 | , , , , | 5 comments

Emerald City Comic Con: Snatched from the jaws of defeat

How fast can the Story Games Seattle squad go from zero to sixty when it comes to busting out a big can of con gaming goodness? We now know definitively that the answer is: extremely fast indeed. Despite getting the green light at the last minute our troops assumed battle formation and rocked games all […]

Ben Robbins | March 13th, 2013 | ,

All ECCC Systems Are Go!

Story games at Emerald City Comic Con is a go! We’ll be in Lower Level of The Conference Center, just like last year. That’s the building across the street from the main convention center. The gaming area is open a lot later than the main show so you can drown yourself in comic books and […]

Ben Robbins | February 25th, 2013 | ,

To ECCC or not to ECCC? That is the question.

Folks have been asking if we’re going to run a game area again at Emerald City Comic Con this year. You remember last year, right? The hordes of gamers? The awesome partnership between Story Games Seattle and Gamma Ray Games? Yeah, I thought you did. The answer is: we want to, but we’re not sure […]

Ben Robbins | February 6th, 2013 | ,

“How is this possible? How can I enjoy role-playing games without a GM?!?” (ECCC 2012)

The GMless RPG workshop at last year’s PAX was so much fun that when Emerald City Comic Con was looking for gaming panels, I decided to pitch it again. I expected a handful of people to show up, maybe five or six at most. After all, this was a comic convention with almost no previous […]

Ben Robbins | April 17th, 2012 | , , , ,

Once and Future Zombie

It’s Emerald City Comic Con, late Friday night at the indie RPG tables, and I sit down with some awesome new folks (Hi, Daniel! Hi, Gabi!) to play some Microscope. “What kind of history should we make?” “Let’s do a zombie apocalypse!” “Cool, zombies! Well wait, do we want to do modern times or something […]

Ben Robbins | April 12th, 2012 | , , ,

Emerald City Comic Con: Dance the Victory Dance

The verdict is in: the indie role-playing section at Emerald City Comic Con was a smashing success. An off-the-charts, moon-shot, do-the-dance-of-our-people level home run. Can you tell I had a good time? I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sure anyone at Emerald City Comic Con would want to game. The gaming track was a brand new […]

Ben Robbins | April 10th, 2012 | , | 5 comments

Gamers ♥ Dinosaurs

Our table sign for Emerald City Comic Con, designed by the inimitable Shuo Meng. I think it just about says it all: You can still get tickets at the door if you have a burning desire to come game. Don’t deny your burning desire. Even though the main show closes at 7 pm, the gaming […]

Ben Robbins | March 29th, 2012 | ,

West Marches at Emerald City Comic Con

Emerald City Comic Con has added a gaming track. I wanted to do this for PAX last year but it didn’t come together. Now the stars have aligned. Sandbox RPGs: Running A “West Marches” Style Campaign Sandbox RPGs put the players in the driver’s seat. Go where you want. Do what you want. Learn dark […]

Ben Robbins | March 19th, 2012 | , , , | 9 comments