Braunstein Memories

“That’s _Lieutenant_ Student A to you…”

GenCon 2008 has sadly come and gone. If you were part of the lucky crew that came to Major Wesely’s seminars you got to play in the first recreation of the Braunstein games in 40 years, the games that led to the birth of roleplaying games… but you probably already read that post.

Here are some assorted memories from the Braunstein games, collected for posterity:

Were you at either session? Tell your side of the story. Braunstein had, by definition, as many separate stories as there were players, so every point of view sheds new light on how the whole thing worked.

Do you have more pictures or handout scans? Drop a link in the comments so everyone else can see them. I’ve got nothing at all for the Saturday Braunstein IV session. There are also rumors of audio recordings from both sessions that may appear on the internet.

And of course a big thanks to Major Wesely for putting on the referee hat and running the games. If you missed them, ask nicely and maybe he’ll do it again next year…


Added the text from the handouts from the GenCon 2008 Braunstein games, courtesy of Major Wesely: