Anthology of Game Blogs

I got my copy of Open Game Table, The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs.

Is there some ars ludi in there, you ask? On yeah. The Braunstein: Roots of Roleplaying article is reprinted, along with all five West Marches articles and Making the Party: Wedge Issues.

My only regret is that because of concerns over copyright, the original plan to include some reader comments along with the articles got scrubbed. I really would have liked Major Wesely’s replies to be included with the Braunstein article — what could be more fitting? The reviews of the anthology have included a lot of nice comments about Braunstein, and it’s nice to see both Major Wesely and Dave Arneson getting some well-deserved recognition, plus gamers learning about their roots.

…hmm, just one post in two months? Well it’s not like I normally post on a schedule, but lately I’ve been knee-deep developing microscope. More on that later.

    Ben Robbins | April 29th, 2009 | , | leave a comment