Shippensburg Adventure Game Camp

Nearly thirty years ago, there was a summer camp for D&D. Yes that’s right, a summer camp where instead of basket weaving and archery, you played Dungeons & Dragons. I went all five years it ran, three years as a camper and two as a councilor. And yes, it was awesome.

There is about zero information about the Shippensburg D&D camp on the internet, so I agreed to do an interview for posterity’s sake. You can read my write-up for yourself, but be warned, it is an epic tale of 80’s gaming nostalgia:

My Shippensburg Adventure Game Camp Interview

One other camp attendee has already replied to the post. Could there be more? There were about three hundred gamers who went to the camp. They have to be out there somewhere…

CORRECTION: It’s buried somewhere in the comments, but with detective work we verified that the infamous newspaper article was in ’84, not ’85. So it didn’t immediately kill the camp.

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