Define Busy

“Fire up the Orbital Mind Control Lasers! Aim them at the Seattle area!”

Bob thinks I’m being lazy and ignoring ars ludi, but it’s not true! I’m actually just really busy.

On the volunteer front, I’m helping organize Go Play NW 2010, plus I’m organizing weekly meetups for Story Games Seattle. That’s right: slaving away so that you, the people, get to game more. No, no, hold your applause.

But don’t think I’m sacrificing all my fun to do dull admin work. I’m gaming a ton: 11 games last month, and that’s without a convention or anything adding density. Three Microscope games, three Mouse Guard, four pickup story games at meetups, and (ahem) one Star Wars Saga — hey it was Run Club, I had no choice. So yeah, poor me.

Wait, you want more? You may have noticed that little thing called Microscope in the list. One year of playtesting, and I continue to demonstrate that the fine art of perfectionism is not dead, revising and refining and flat-out hacking out chunks with a chainsaw when I realize (eventually) that they don’t serve my purposes. Sometimes it does take three dozen games to realize something’s broken, but luckily I’m very patient. No sacred cows here, or at least none with all their limbs.

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