Braunstein 2010

Major Wesely has returned to the internet! He left a comment about last year’s Braunstein and his plans for GenCon 2010.

Wait, what was Braunstein, you ask? Just the grandfather of D&D and, well, pretty much all the roleplaying games you’ve ever played.

I will be once again arriving really late Wednesday/early Thursday (after midnight if the train runs late) on Amtrak. (anyone meeting the train to carry my luggage to the hotel will get first choice of character in Braunstein).

This time I intend to spend most of my time at the NSDM (National Security Decision Making Game. I am bringing along my handouts for BS again, and will run it if I can get the people time and space (NSDM may provide the space and time).

Major Wesely’s contact info, more about Braunstein, and a shout-out to Rob MacD are all in his original comment, so I decided to give it a post of it’s own so it didn’t get overlooked.

(I think the Origins mention is a typo, since the post was after Origins — probably should read GenCon)

I won’t be at GenCon this year. No Lieutenant Student A for me. If you are going to GenCon, and you’ve never tracked down Major Wesely and made him tell you stories of gaming with Dave Arneson, and y’know, being part of the invention the entire RPG hobby, then this could be your year to do it.

Seriously. Do it. You’ll be glad you did.

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