Rewrite the Ending Together

I see a lot of anguish on the internet. Sadness that the latest epic franchise didn’t stick the landing, or didn’t turn out quite the way you hoped, or maybe threw characters under the bus and utterly betrayed what you thought the whole concept was.

Other people’s fiction will always disappoint you. Because those creators are only human. Their feet are made of clay and they don’t know what’s in your heart or brain. And maybe the ending was perfect for them, exactly what they wanted. Cool, but that doesn’t mean it works for you.

Yes, you could sit down and hammer out fan fiction with alternative endings in your lonely writing cave, but I have a much better idea:

Replay the ending together with story games

Get some friend together, and instead of all grousing about everything wrong with the books/movies/comics/series you love/hate, play a do-over and make it what you want!

Give that movie an ending you like. Make it yours.

    Ben Robbins | January 8th, 2020 | | show 2 comments