A Tale of Two Blogs

I know what you’re thinking: Ars Ludi is lovely. It’s both peachy and keen. So why a second blog?

Good question. Ars Ludi is where I talk about assorted game ideas or really just whatever I want (you’ve probably picked up on that). On the other hand this blog is where I talk about actual projects that are in the works, projects that are being developed for release under the mighty Lame Mage aegis. Sneak peeks, development reflections and digressions, cries of existential pain and the periodic shout out — the whole nine yards.

And by I, I mean we. Because there are other secret collaborators joining in for the fun.

Introductions are in order but I’m not going to make them. Not quite yet.

    Ben Robbins | December 27th, 2007 | | leave a comment