Happy Birthday Dr Null

“This is Chip Chopper, high in the sky in the Channel Four Action News Copter!”

“There’s a swarm of… what look like bugs, big metal bugs, crawling up out of the bay. Each one is as big as a car. They climbed right up the bridge tower, and now they’re spread out across the road, right in the middle of traffic…”

Dr Null: Battle on the Bay Bridge was released two years ago today. Technically Dr Null’s first appearance was in a game about three years before that, but this was the first time he was unleashed on the world at large, so it’s evil birthday cake time!

I released it as a free download partially as a public service, because there was a crazy lack of intro adventures for M&M, but also because I wanted to showcase things like Action Shticks, Revelations, Silent Sound Effects, user-friendly stat blocks, annotated maps, GM cheat sheets, all that stuff — not to mention good old fashioned superhero action that was more about saving the day and protecting the innocent than beating people up.

I’ve heard from all sorts of people that played it (like this glorious evidence from the NC Game Day), but I have no idea how many gaming groups total have tried to save the Bay Bridge. Even now I see the same pattern every week: as Thursday and Friday roll around and the weekend approaches, there is a sharp increase in downloads. I like to think it’s because every weekend there is some GM somewhere who really, really wants to run a game but doesn’t have something ready. Dr Null to the rescue!

Have you played it? Did you save the bridge or hang your head in shame as it crashed into the bay? Pop in and take a bow.

    Ben Robbins | February 27th, 2008 | , | show 9 comments