Their Power to Oppress

Rules must always be evaluated for their power to oppress

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs, by Dan Olson, 2022

The discussion is about community rules, economic rules, and even legal rules, but game rules are exactly the same kettle of fish. The community is that group of people, sitting at that table, playing the game. Does a rule inspire a healthy collaborative community, or does it give you a cudgel to lord over someone else?

Even if a system intends to be fair, if it’s badly designed it can be gamed to someone’s advantage. It’s no different with bad laws or skewed tax exemptions, which of course is why we need more ethical game designers in all levels of government…

And yeah I’ve watched Line Goes Up about fives times. And I will again. My only criticism is that there is *so* much material, covering so much ground, that I wish it was multiple videos so people could absorb it in smaller chunks. You can hear people’s eyes roll when you tell them to watch a two hour video. It’s a lot to take in, but utterly worth it.

Go watch it.

    Ben Robbins | April 24th, 2022 | , , | show comments