Metal of the Gods

Humanity steals metal from the Gods… HEAVY METAL…

In a classic case of someone suggesting an idea, then someone else taking that idea a little further, than someone else going even farther, we decided to do a quick Microscope game that was pure cosmic metal, and discovered in the process that my friends are stone cold liars: like when Jem says he “doesn’t really ‘get’ metal”, and then every single thing he lays down is a fullblown album cover that leaps off the page.

In our history METAL is the ultimate power in the universe, and eventually the universe’s undoing. Our fiction demanded a certain amount of all caps. In fact lots of all caps. And umlauts. (But also, palette: “no Nazi stuff”)

… the ancient warrior, WÜLFHELM, is given METAL by the capricious GODS to claim his vengeance. When his dirge-song washes across the battlefield his foes quake with fear, unmanned. METAL rises.

… the modern band, DEATHWÜLF, plays an apocalyptic battle of the bands against the very GODS themselves, wresting METAL from them forever in the Ragnarok-and-roll. METAL is liberated.

… the cosmic emperor, STORMWÜLF, from the throne of his Citadel-World, plugs into a pulsar and broadcasts METAL into the very fabric of the universe, to shake the very GODS in their thrones… and annihilates the universe in his hubris. METAL destroys.

… but in the final death throes of the cosmos, the spirit of the long-fallen METAL-DRAGON escapes into a new universe. METAL is reborn.


And that’s not even going into the METAL WARS: RISE AND FALL OF THE SEPULTURIANS (also a perfect album title, like all our focuses), where a peaceful alien race comes into contact with the Shredding Emperor’s METAL armada, shattering their utopian society forever.

Remember kids, the METAL-DRAGON died for your sins.

    Ben Robbins | August 28th, 2022 | , | show comments