[guest author] Microscope liftoff!

We playtested the alpha draft of Microscope this weekend, and it was a resounding success! Ben no doubt has tweaks to make, things to clarify, and we playtesters need to give more feedback and of course it needs a lot more playtesting, but this version was a great start. Did I mention it was a ton of fun?

After the first couple rounds when we were still getting our feet wet, the game rapidly took off and we rolled along with only a few moments of rules confusion. All of us players were able to creatively inspire each other which is definitely in part because the game is very good at supporting and fostering it. Having playtested lots of games intentionally (or unintentionally in some notorious cases), I think it’s a real compliment that while it was no doubt a playtest, for the most part it didn’t feel like one – even factoring in that we were playing with the designer.

One piece of feedback I’m happy to share is that I don’t think Ben should change the name. Originally, “Microscope” was just a code name, like the Manhattan Project, but I think in one word it elegantly captures the game with near perfection. I hope the other playtesters agree, don’t change it!

    Guest Author: Ping | March 16th, 2009 | , , | show 2 comments