“Never cross the Emperor, or the Holy Ones…”

We played our first microscope session and I have to say Ping is absolutely right: it was a ton of fun. A lot more fun than I expected. I thought we’d just try it for a while and then talk about what needed changing but instead we dived in and played for 8 hours straight.

Remember my whining about how it’s hard to see why a game is interesting when it’s an abstract set of rules divorced from a specific setting or characters? Yeah, ten minutes of actually playing solved that. With the meat on the bones, microscope is very tasty indeed.

It was a little rough getting started, but that I totally expected. You have to change your normal way of thinking to get in the microscope groove. Kind of like switching from qwerty to dvorak — you feel slow and clumsy at first, then you get it and whoosh!

    Ben Robbins | March 18th, 2009 | , | leave a comment