Microscope Needs Playtesters

The new playtest draft of Microscope is ready (version 3 for those keeping score), and I’m looking for some brave souls to put it through its paces. Could that someone be you?

I’m specifically looking for people who will play the game and provide feedback, not just read it. The first two versions were playtested by the brave and beautiful gamers of Seattle, but I’ve been always directly involved. Now it’s time to see how the game does when I’m not sitting at the table.

It’s no-prep, no-GM. All you need is a few fellow gamers, your brain, and a mess of index cards.

Definitely bring your brain.

Interested? Leave a comment here and I’ll get your address from the (hidden) email field and contact you. Or just send an email to microscope-playtest +

And while I’m at it, major thanks to everyone who has already played Microscope and helped get it where it is now: Tony Dowler, Ryan Dunleavy, Mike Frost, John Harper, Robert Haskell, Jem Lewis, Kevin Lewis, Ching-Ping Lin, Trey Marshall, and Paul Riddle, plus additional feedback from Stephen Scholz and Jonathan Walton. You guys rock.

    Ben Robbins | June 10th, 2009 | | show 77 comments