In This World, Two Things Collide

We playtested a slight variation on the rules for In This World: instead of just picking one topic, you pick two that relate or intersect, then make statements about one or both of those things. For example:

family + nations
war + technology
food + ecology

I think there are generally two cases you’d see. One is where the two topics are pretty closely related, so by including both you’re getting a tighter focus on a particular subset of the subject matter (like war + technology). The other case is where the two topics are less obviously connected, so by including both you stretch and think more about how they’re interacting in ways we might not normally think about (like family + food). Both are good!

We were a little skeptical but in play it worked… great? Like I keep expecting hiccups, but no, like everything else In This World, it just works great.

I’m still sorting out the boundaries of when In This World works and what topics it can be used for, but so far the answer always seems to be “yep, you can do that too”.

    Ben Robbins | December 31st, 2022 | , | leave a comment