New Version of In This World Is Ready

Updated rules for In This World has gone out to playtesters!

If you signed up and didn’t get an email, scream and shout! (Unless you just signed up in the last day or so, in which case you get a link when the next batch goes out in a day or two) And if you are interested in trying it out but haven’t volunteered, now’s your chance.

My plan for this update was just to clarify some bits that tripped a few groups up, but then I dove in and polished lots more text, because clarity is key and I cannot resist it.

So get playing everybody! There may be a few more treats coming up later, because more alternate ways to play keep popping up. Honestly it’s been kind of surprising how (so far, knock on wood) every weird variant of In This World we’ve tried seems to work great. I think I know why that is, but that’s a whole other discussion.

    Ben Robbins | January 15th, 2023 | | leave a comment