It’s a wrap!

It’s official. The Microscope playtest is all wrapped up.*

A long playtest cycle (as in, nearly two years) can be quite a haul, so thanks to everyone who’s stayed involved, and thanks as well to all the folks who joined in to try out the very last version. Having a mix of old and new eyes on the rules was a huge help.

I got a lot of really great feedback, including some very cogent observations that really get to the heart of Microscope, and I’m still pouring over it all with a fine-toothed comb to make sure I don’t miss anything. To everyone I didn’t already respond to individually: thanks again for all your help.

My work is now cut out for me: hone the text, tweak the little bits that still need tweaking (I’m looking at you, Drama!), hone the text, then hone the text… and then round that off by honing the text. You may notice a pattern here. The book format? Heck, I’m way ahead on that part.

* It should go without saying that even though the official play test is done, I’m always eager to hear about your Microscope experiences, even long after the game is released.

    Ben Robbins | October 9th, 2010 | | show 2 comments