Microscope Released

Yep, it’s done. You can buy and download the Microscope PDF immediately.

Books are on the way. You can pre-order one now and it will ship to you as soon as it’s in stock. Like magic. Want both? There’s a bundle, so you can get the PDF now and the book later. What we in the industry call a double-xmas.

If you’re in Seattle you’re extra lucky because you can get the book even sooner. The very fastest way to get your hands on it will be to buy it at our very own Gamma Ray Games. When the books arrive, they’re getting a batch hot off the presses. You may literally have to blow on your copy or risk singed fingers (you have been warned). Buy the PDF online now, and then get ready to stampede Gamma Ray and demand a book. I’ll post here when the shipment arrives.

    Ben Robbins | February 23rd, 2011 | | show 15 comments