Books Away!

Microscope books are nestled in their snug little boxes and winging their way to Indie Press Revolution even as we speak. So if you pre-ordered one, feel free to start hopping up and down in anticipation. IPR is also going to have a handful for sale at PAX East next week, so hunt them down if you want one.

If you’re in Seattle, your wait is over, because Gamma Ray has them on the shelves right now. You can literally walk in and walk away with one. Preferably after giving them money, while the store is open.

Supply is limited across the board, mostly because I seriously underestimated demand, but I’m working to get ahead of the curve. Soon the day will come when I flood the world with Microscope books. But until then, if you want one, place your order quick.

    Ben Robbins | March 2nd, 2011 | | show 3 comments