Quake-pocalypse: A Flower for Ulysses

Some of the awesome folks from our weekly pickup games had never gotten the chance to play a multi-session Microscope history. Which is a crime, because multi-session games let you really dig into your history. So we assembled a crack squad (there’s still some debate whether it’s Team Boomstick, Team Thunderbunny, or Team Something Else Entirely That Isn’t So Loud) for some repeat gaming goodness.

We decide on a post-apocalypse / recovery of civilization arc. But instead of nukes or zombies, we have the world rocked by massive quakes. Civilization as we know it is shattered. Cities swallowed, massive tidal waves, whole continents split in two: the works.

A little bit into the history and a new feudal society has arisen in caverns beneath the surface. We zoom in for a Scene: the heir of House Ulysses has been caught sneaking up to the mysterious and forbidden surface world. The gloating hunters of rival House Hades are leading him back in chains, to face The Punishment. It’s a serious scene, but unintentionally hilarious role-playing ensues:

Prince: I’m innocent! You can’t prove I went to the surface!

Mother: Hey, yeah! You’re just trying to frame him to undermine our family!

Hades leader: Oh yeah? Well how do you explain _this!_

Prince: Those are just flowers!

Prince’s mentor: Uh, what?

Prince: Flowers! But I didn’t get them from the surface. I found them in a cave that had natural sunlight.

Hades hunters: Natural what?

Prince’s mentor: Dude, you’re not helping your caseā€¦


next session: Techno-priests & Infinity Boxes

    Ben Robbins | May 9th, 2011 | , | leave a comment