Quake-pocalypse: Techno-priests & Infinity Boxes

Game two of our Quake-pocalypse Microscope history. Science is the big theme of this session, but as everybody knows, there’s good science and there’s bad science.

Yay, Science!

It brings us the wondrous Infinity Box, capable of preserving something indefinitely (one could even say infinitely).

We play a scene with the Question: What does humanity put in the Infinity Box to hand down to future generations? Y’know, in case there were global earthquakes that destroyed civilization as we know it, leaving only morlocks and marauders behind. Answer: an orphaned girl puts her doll inside and then presses the go-start. Yep, gonna be mighty disappointing for future generations that find that time capsule.

Boo, Science!

It brings us the Techno-priests of Pandora, a crazy-ass enclave of scientists who were supposed to be caretakers of technology and learning so civilization could be rebuilt after it goes over the brink (Project Pandora: “so that after Man unleashes horrors on the world, there will still be Hope…”). Instead, untold years of isolation in their sealed city-shelter turns them into power-mad psycho freaks.

When they crack the seals on their enclave and emerge, do they start a school to teach physics to scavengers? No. They declare themselves the supreme race, enslave the mutated deep dwellers, conquer the underworld, and then overthrow the fledging surface empires. Jerks.

Yeah, I’m behind. We’ve already played game three and I’m still talking about game two. Here’s a sneak peak: we never actually declared what caused the catastrophic quakes in the first place. It was the unasked question sitting right in front of us, but not for long…

next session: Don’t Mess With Gravity

    Ben Robbins | May 22nd, 2011 | , | leave a comment