Dungeons & Doomsday Devices: Superhero Base Raids

A dungeon crawl does not fit the superhero genre. Superheroes zip though villain bases, smashing walls or wafting through them with arcane powers. They do not decide on a marching order and do a room-by-room search (or if they do a search, it is glossed over off-screen).

Dr Null's base is a complex maze of interconnected chambers, utility tunnels and service corridors, but instead of mapping each room the floor plan is simplified into a series of zones. This is to help you keep the search and exploration dynamic, not get bogged down in details. If you know the heroes are somewhere in the vehicle bays zone that is good enough – you do not need to track precisely what room they are in.

A loose floor plan also lets you set adjust the pacing as you see fit. Want characters to bump into each other? Want the heroes to stumble into a booby trap? Want them to find the lab and stop wandering around? Just say they do.

— excerpt from Death of Dr Null

    Ben Robbins | August 29th, 2006 | , | leave a comment