Push Concede

Sometimes in Microscope someone Pushes to change one of your ideas, but instead of disagreeing you think “hey, I do like that more, let’s do it!” By the rules you have to go through the finger-vote and find out what everyone else thinks, but sometimes that’s unnecessary work.

Here’s a faster option you can use. Consider it an official Microscope rule:

Push Concede

If someone Pushes to change something you said during a Scene and you prefer their version, you can just say “Concede” and automatically replace what you said with their idea. Play continues normally without stopping to vote.

If any other player prefers the original idea (or has another idea of their own) they can require a vote instead. If you do vote, follow the normal procedure just as though you had not used the Concede option.

Say Mike is playing the Space-Pope during the plot to poison him with the euphoric gases of the Holy Ones. Mike says “when the Space-Pope inhales the concentrated vapors he chokes and dies!” But Jem has a different idea. He Pushes to change the Space-Pope’s fate and have him go insane instead, because who doesn’t want an insane Space-Pope? Mike loves the idea so he concedes immediately. If another player wanted the space-Pope to kick the bucket they could require a vote, but no one does. This little wrinkle completely changes our opinion of the interstellar crusades we know are about to happen…

Eagle-eyed rules mavens will notice that this doesn’t change how the game works at all. It’s just a shortcut when everyone is in agreement. It’s nice because it means you can get back to role-playing the scene quicker.

    Ben Robbins | January 11th, 2012 | , | show 2 comments