Happy Birthday, Microscope!

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Microscope’s release. I’d forgotten it was the day, but we unwittingly celebrated by playing a slew of Microscope games at Story Games Seattle. So much better than cake.

I’ve been playing Microscope for three years now, but it still feels like only yesterday that we sat down and made our first stellar empire and zoomed in to find out what had gone horribly, horribly wrong at the mining colony: the releasing of the cosmic id, the “psychic balrog” that unlocked human potential and altered the course of history for the next thousand years.

We never actually saw the “psychic balrog” or explored what it was, only its consequences. But even though that was three years ago, because it’s Microscope we could sit down today and jump back five minutes before the miners “delved too deep” and see. Was it sentient or just a force? Did they hear the siren call from deep in the bowels of the asteroid? Did it speak to them? We don’t know, but we could find out whenever we wanted…

    Ben Robbins | February 24th, 2012 | | show 4 comments