Sneak peak from a Kingdom playset I’m working on:

Starfall, weapons-smith to the galaxy.

A hidden world-clave of scientists and technocrats, Starfall is the ultimate arms dealer to the planets. Humble and discrete, they are both corporation and independent nation-state, the kingmakers of all interplanetary affairs.

Starfall’s weapons have no equal in known space. They don’t fight battles, they end wars. They are weapons of mass destruction on a planetary scale. Moons are pulled out of orbit. Oceans boil. Skies are turned into lenses of fire.

The new calculus of war is simple: the side that Starfall arms, wins.

Starfall is taken from a real game we played, our third session of Kingdom ever. I expect that most of the time people will make their own Kingdoms from scratch but playsets are useful for when people just need to sit down and get going in a hurry (I’m looking at you con slots!).

    Ben Robbins | August 27th, 2012 | , | show comments