My PAX Schedule

Friday night at 8 pm I’m on the D&D vs Story Games panel with Erik Mona, Wolfgang Baur, (maybe?) John Harper, Chris Perkins and Jonathan Walton. Far off in the Red Lion, I think. Ashley Cook will be moderating, which is a good thing because I think the idea is that we actually knife-fight to see which RPGs win. Knife-fight with actual knives. Knives forged of game theory and steel. Two games enter, one game leaves! Dice may be rolled in anger.

Saturday at 4 pm I’ll be talking about “Gaming without a GM” in 301. The workshop space is small and well-hidden so it’s hard to gauge what kind of turnout there will be. Of course I said the same thing before Emerald City Comic Con and that place was packed.

Other times I’ll probably be in 305-306, playing those indie role-playing games the kids are all so excited about. Gamma Ray Games is selling games in that very same room (just like ECCC) so you can go straight from playing some hot game to shouting “gimme gimme gimme!” and clutching your very own copy to your heaving bosom. If you’re looking to score a Microscope the Gamma Ray counter is where you should look. But you need to know the secret code phrase, which is “I would like to buy Microscope, please.”

Other than that, the usual PAX drills: digging the vintage console games, sitting in bean bag chairs, and gazing in wonder at all the pomp and circumstance.

What are you doing at PAX?

    Ben Robbins | August 28th, 2012 | , , | show 5 comments