D&D vs Story Games (PAX 2012)

I was supposed to record the audio from this panel but there was a, err, technical malfunction. Protip: pressing the record button once is good. Pressing it twice? Not so much.

Disaster. Luckily Jobe was in the front row making a recording of his own. Without him the panel would be lost in the mists of time, living on only in the hearts of our fellow man. Kudos, sir. Kudos.

Audio recording: PAX 12 Tabletop Talk: D&D vs. Story Games

The whole panel was actually a rematch of sorts: Ashley moderated another talk back at Emerald City Comic Con that started off as a general RPG discussion but unexpectedly turned into slugfest of old school vs new school vs this school vs that school (the rumors that I shouted “Heresy!” at another panelist are actually true). Someone at PAX heard about the donnybrook and asked if we’d try to recreate the magic and the mayhem.

I’d say the results were even better than before: more magic, less mayhem. Okay, maybe a little mayhem.

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