Kingdom Playtest Deadline: December 20

Calling all Kingdom playtesters! The playtest has been going great but I think we’re ready to wrap it up. Your deadline to send in feedback is December 20.

I’ve gotten lots of feedback already. It’s sitting in a giant iron pot that hums and glows and occasionally shudders with the wails of the damned. It is some hardcore feedback. But there’s still room in the crucible for more. So if you have thoughts now’s the time to put them down on paper. Even if you already sent back feedback, if you played more and had additional thoughts let’s hear them. Second impressions are just as interesting as first impressions.

There are definitely things I already want to change about the game so don’t think it’s set in stone. Your feedback can make a difference. Would I be using too recursive of a metaphor if I said you could still change the Kingdom? I’ll risk it.

    Ben Robbins | December 9th, 2012 | | leave a comment