Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…

“Hey, you haven’t talked about Kingdom in a while. What’s up with that?”

Good question, caller.

Imagine a cave. A dark cave. In a swamp. Lit only by the intermittent glow of fireflies.

Now in the cave put a figure. A figure facing a wall of rock. Solid rock. Rock from the heart of the world.

And in that figure’s hand put a chisel. A very sharp chisel. A chisel that *could* carve rock. Even really hard rock.

Now imagine that figure isn’t moving. Or lifting the chisel. Imagine that figure is bending his total will towards the rock and trying to carve it with the power of his mind!

That’s how Kingdom is going.

To be fair, that’s exactly how Microscope was in the homestretch too. It’s also how I wrote a paper about Oedipus Rex my freshman year in college. Apparently it’s just a thing I do but clearly I save it for the important stuff.

To translate that from drama into English, I’m scrutinizing every detail of the text with my piercing gaze, making sure it’s what I want it to be and that it’s doing what I want it to do. I’m looking back on all the very best Kingdom games I’ve played and making sure I am emphasizing the things that spawn games like that. And I’m looking back on all the very worst Kingdom games I’ve played (there have been a few) and putting procedural snipers on rooftops to prevent games like that from happening.

I’m rather pleased with how it’s going.

There will come a time soon(ish) when I will let slip the dogs of kickstarting. When that time comes I will dearly need your help to get the word out and make Kingdom happen. I’m not bad at designing games but I’m ass at marketing and self-promotion. I’ll seriously need your help.

    Ben Robbins | April 7th, 2013 | , | show comments