Cowboys, Muppets & Mystics

How’s the Kingdom kickstarter going? Pretty swimmingly, I must admit. But there’s still a long way to go and there’s still a lot of people out there who haven’t even heard of Kingdom.

Back when I was getting ready to launch I debated what would make good stretch goals. I mean, yeah, I could make Kingdom-branded coffee mugs, but when you get right down to it all I care about is making sure you have a fantastic game when you sit down at the table. A commemorative coffee mug might be lovely but it isn’t going to improve your game (unless the mug is filled with coffee, of course).

But having played about a zillion different pickup games with total strangers, I know that what can improve your experience are tools that let you jump in and get playing faster and easier, when you need it. Brainstorming your Kingdom from scratch is a really fun part of the game, but just like the quickstart history seeds for Microscope, sometimes you need to be able to just sit down and get going quickly without a lot of discussion. Or maybe you need a little inspiration to come up with a good idea for your Kingdom, something you might not have thought of otherwise.

So that’s what I settled on: Kingdom playsets so you can start playing super-fast, when you need to.

What playsets, you ask? Check the latest Kingdom stretch goals and see for yourself. But rest assured that cowboys, muppets, alien invaders and dilettante 1920s mystics have already safely made the cut.

Future playsets are going to include a few Kingdoms inspired directly by some of our awesome playtest games, because I simply cannot resist sharing them.

Does that mean you can expect to see a Starfall playset? I sure hope so.

    Ben Robbins | June 4th, 2013 | | leave a comment