Six Years of Power

Michael over at Futile Position had a few short questions for me about Kingdom and Microscope. Unfortunately for him I had a few very long answers:

As a special bonus this interview also includes a recap of almost the entire second Crossroad of the same colony ship game that I used as an example at the top of the kickstarter page. Will Captain Browning shake off his rocky start and emerge as the leader the Olympic Dawn needs? In short: no. Lucky for us Chief Bock was ready to (very, very reluctantly) step up and be that man. For a lot longer than he wanted.

I’ve also been asked to participate in an online panel this Saturday as part of ConTessa:

Collaborative World-Building and Gaming
Harness the power of the group to make better games. Collaborative gaming doesn’t necessarily mean a GM giving up power. Instead it can serve as a tool to draw players in, create novel settings, and provide engaging experiences. The panel will discuss ideas and practical applications.

We’re excited to announced our scheduled participants: Meguey Baker (A Thousand and One Nights: A Game of Enticing Stories, Psi*Run), Brad Murray (Diaspora, Hollowpoint), and Ben Robbins (Microscope, Kingdom). Moderator: Sherri Stewart.

Saturday, June 22, 11 am (pacific)

Tell me that doesn’t look like fun.

Hmm, what else can we squeeze into the schedule? Five more days until the end of the Kingdom kickstarter? Nine more days until Go Play NW?

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