Start the Presses

The final Kingdom proof came back from the printer. It looks great, so I’ve given the order: start the printing presses.

If you already bought the PDF, you’ll be getting an email link to download the updated version that includes the final corrections and changes that were made before the book went to print. Kickstarters, you can use the download link that’s already in your messages.

If you already printed the PDF, the only pages that include changes are:

6-7, 23, 32, 55-58, 103-104 (formatting only), 158, 173

Just print those 12 pages and you’re all set. Those pages include typos and clarifications (e.g. predictions are about the Kingdom, not the characters), but there’s only one actual rule change and it’s a fairly obscure one (you can start an Overthrow Duel if you only got your current Role this turn).

Eagle-eyed readers will also note that the PDF is one page longer. That’s because it now includes the backcover from the book.

    Ben Robbins | November 22nd, 2013 | | show 2 comments