Actual Play Roundup: A Beetle Pushing the Sun

A few of the latest and greatest Kingdom games from around the world. Are they playing Kingdom in Korea? The answer is yes.

  • Plains Tribes — “Originally I was a little bit worried about how the tribal roleplaying would turn out, whether it would descend into a stereotype-fest a la every Hollywood movie with Indians or faux Indians ever.” I think they nailed it.
  • Android Megacorp — No, that link’s not broken: it’s a second game write-up in the same thread as the Plains Tribe. Corporate mergers and unethical uses of technology. “…Power ordered that, if the androids were developed, they would only be used for sex work and not factory labor or security.” Make that unethical and immoral.
  • Battleship Orion — AKA the Trouble with AIs. Can you still have a Crisis if you put the whole population into cryogenic storage? Or is that the very definition of a Crisis?

It’s pretty great having Kingdom finished, because I get to play it and have some fun too:

  • The Drift — Outcasts and ruffians, the very dregs of society, trying to survive in their make-shift space habitat. Crime, squalor and a little interplanetary blackmail. A great game with a bunch of Kingdom first-timers at Story Games Seattle.
  • Eye of Osiris — More Story Games Seattle fun. What’s a sure sign that dabbling in Egyptian mysticism has gotten out of hand? When you look up and see a beetle pushing the sun across the sky. Over New York. And then the hounds of Anubis come looking to weigh your living heart…

If you’ve got a Kingdom game report you want to share, post a link in the comments.

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