Uncontrolled Orders & Predictions

A small but important official change to the Kingdom rules. If you switch Roles and leave orders or predictions behind, it’s up to the players who have Power or Perspective during Crossroad resolution to decide whether they happen.

Kingdom Rules Update: Uncontrolled Orders & Predictions (one-page PDF)

Update: I revised and simplified the text to make it easier to play and remember. The PDF shows exactly what text changed. You can print it and tuck it into your book.

Why the change?

The old rule wasn’t exactly broken, but it could lead to tricky play. Uncontrolled predictions and orders could already be cancelled by any character who decided to Challenge them and success was automatic. But during Crossroads, players can only interrupt once, and you might want to save your interrupt for something you care about more. Having to choose what’s important to you is good, but it doesn’t make sense for another character to apply that much pressure with a Role they no longer have.

And most importantly, this just makes more sense. The players who currently have Power and Perspective are the ones who control that aspect of the Kingdom. When you switch Roles, you lose that control and gain different influence. In hindsight it seems incredibly obvious (like, “why didn’t we always do it this way?!?”) which is always a good sign.

    Ben Robbins | May 29th, 2014 | , | show 2 comments